Beauty & the Beast Color & Read


This book provides the perfect opportunity for parents and grandparents to read aloud to their favorite children—before or after the coloring pages are colored with crayons, markers, or colored pencils.

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As a six year student of education (undergraduate degree in elementary education and master’s work in reading education), I understand the importance of children reading often (and preferably aloud to a teacher or parent) while they are learning to read. On my blog and videos, I recommend that emerging readers read aloud to someone twice a day for at least ten to twenty minutes.

It is that important in developing and practicing newly-learned phonetic and word analysis skills.
While 90% of my fifty books are language arts, grammar, and writing, I have been putting out a few reading products in the past year as I have re-ignited my private tutoring practice in the areas of reading, language arts, grammar, and writing. I have loved creating readers, coloring books, and phonics cards!

This is one of those products! The engaging text is perfect for emerging readers to practice their word calling skills. However, the text is detailed enough to actually discuss and learn from—thus, building comprehension skills. Section I contains the a short story of the original Beauty and the Beast story at a second to third grade reading level. Section II introduces children to the characters, giving funny and cute information about each one in a short paragraph that is perfect for reading aloud and for discussion.

Finally, Section III teaches new readers about the types of castles that were popular during the Middle Ages. These short passages are perfect for reading and for writing from. The pictures are delightful! Students will love coloring the scenes from the original story. They will have fun with the individual character pictures in Section II.
Lastly, they will be challenged with the detailed castle pictures in Section III. Delightful pictures to color coupled with appropriate, yet challenging text, will engage your young student for many hours. The pictures are also appropriate for the pre-reader.



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