Private Tutoring (package #1)


This is package #1, which is 2 one-hour (55 min) sessions per week for 8 weeks (16 sessions). This price does not include materials. To learn more, click here. 

1) Homework Help— for first through eighth grades in the areas of language arts, grammar, spelling, reading, social sciences, social studies, and more. In this case, I use your student’s materials to help him complete his homework. These are usually two or more hour time slots per week.

2) Remedial Tutoring—for first through tenth grade levels in the areas of reading, language arts, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. These sessions are for bringing kids up to a higher grade level in these subjects. I use my own writing and language arts materials and order specific reading comprehension materials. These are usually two or more hour time slots per week.

3) Private language arts/writing classes—for second through tenth grades. In these sessions, I take your student through my materials as though he was in a class, but it is all done one-on-one. Multiple students in one family may also join this. These can be one or two hour-long slots per week.


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