Tools & Tricks Level IV



This Level IV book is designed for elementary students and contains the following projects (from pre-writing through final product with all the instruction and skills needed for each assignment):

  • Dumbo Sentence-by-Sentence Outline
  • Aesop’s Fox and Crow Checklist Challenge


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The Write for a Month series of books is a grade-level-appropriate writing series that has two to four projects per book from start to finish with all steps and skills taught to complete each project. One book lasts approximately one month and is divided into weekly lessons. The Write for a Month series has all types of writing and each book is type-specific, meaning that each book focuses on a different type of writing so that teachers and students can practice that type of writing and its associated skills all month long.

The type-specific writing books in this series include:

Tools and Tricks---teaching all of the skills necessary to complete any Write for a Month or Write On book. These books teach exactly how to do sentence-by-sentence outlining, how to complete our Checklist Challenge for each project, and other skills that are specific to our programs.

  • Easy Essays---these books teach all types of essay writing
  • Real Reports—report writing from start to finish, extremely skill-specific
  • Basic Biographies---how to write biographies of all kinds of people
  • Simple Stories---story writing from very beginning to extremely advanced with all skills taught incrementally Writing Boxes---Our signature writing boxes for various stories and essays, teaching students how to take sentences from a source and make them their own and then add the pizzazz needed! Twice-Told-Tales---All kinds of stories that are known to students---that they use as spin offs to create their own “piggy-back stories” or “twice told tales”

All Write for a Month and Write On books have student samples for each and every project (a necessity in teaching writing) and teaches the skills needed in order to compete each project.  Your student will gain confidence and love for writing with Learn for a Month’s month-long writing programs!

Each series (Tools and Tricks, Twice-Told Tales, Writing Boxes, Real Reports, Easy Essays, Basic Biographies, Simple Stories) contains five books:

Level I: Early Elementary
Level II: Upper Elementary
Level III: Junior High
Level IV: High School
Level V: Advanced High School

These books in this Write On! and Write for a Month series are available as downloadable e-books (at Language Arts Lady store and Teachers Pay Teachers).

Current and upcoming titles (five books/levels in each title) include the following:

Write On, Mowgli --available
Write On, Peter Pan! --available
Write On, Beauty & the Beast! --available
Write On, Christmas Friends—available
Write On, Slinky Dog! –available
Write On, Dumbo! ---available Jan 4-Feb. 4 2021
Write On, Fairy Tales! –coming March 2021
Write for a Month—Tools and Tricks (best place to start with my methods)—available
Write for a Month---Twice-Told Tales! –coming May 2021

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